Colorado River

This poisoning of the Colorado River has got me pissed off.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is reportedly responsible for unleashing some 3 million gallons of poisons and heavy metals into the Colorado river. It’s also reported to have been an (oops) accident. I can only picture some EPA stoner saying,

” Hey man what’s that stinky yellow stuff behind that gate”.

I don’t live in Colorado but it’s one of the states I would consider if anything happened to Indiana. I have been there many times and driven the roads that hug the river as it makes it’s way through beautiful country. I have also seen dead rivers in Europe and Cuba. You can kill a river ecosystem, but you can’t create one as far as I know.

                                              They Never come Back

I’m not a scientist and I sure hope the river will be all right in time but there are a couple of things that come to mind.

One: Cut their budget to the tune of about a billion dollars. They drive around in big black suburbans with huge firearms looking all secret agent type and fining people for violations.Well now they have a major violation, so pony up. We can’t fine them because that would come from our pockets but we can make them feel some budget pain.

Two: Take that money and get that mess cleaned up and get rid of whatever mine crap is still hanging around that area. Also, make it right for the American Indians and others that have been adversely affected by the contamination.

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