Beatle Boots




Ringo Starr and others were honored at the Rock Hall of Fame this year.  The way I understand it, he was inducted as a solo artist since I’m sure “The Beatles” were already in. Ringo is certainly aging well and deserving of all the accolades the music industry has to offer.

It’s hard to believe that it was fifty years ago that the Beatles were earning their way to fame and fortune. They had a huge impact on Rock/Pop music and you could make an argument that there would be no hall of fame without them.

The music business has changed a lot since the 1960’s. It used to be mostly about the music but I think now it’s more about the entertainment factor. Shock and awe in various forms seems to be the top seller these days.  I remember our parents were pretty shocked about long hair and such things when they first appeared so I guess there’s always that.

Most rock stars wore Beatle Boots. The story goes that John and Paul were looking for a shoe to go with their Beatle Suits and found these Chelsea boots in London. They added a Cuban heel to them and the Beatle Boot was born. I wanted a pair back in the day and who can tell what might have happened if I’d gotten them.  Evidently you can still buy them from Beat Wear in Liverpool so don’t count me out yet.

You hear talk about vinyl records making a comeback, perhaps the boots will come back with them. If they do, look for the price to be high. I saw a new vinyl album in a store the other day and it was going for $30. Not sure how that’s going to work with most of today’s music being offered for free.

It was good to see Ringo and Paul rocking it up at the hall. I couldn’t tell by the pictures but I wonder if they were wearing Beatle Boots.