Music for Arts Sake

Do we make music for arts sake? Are we seeking money, fame? Or do we just need it to
tame the savage beast, as they say.

One of my favorite quotes is “If you love what you’re doing, you’ll never work another day
the rest of your life.” The idea being that you really are working, it just doesn’t seem like it.
Anyone that has been in the music business at some professional level will tell you the work
is much harder than you might think.

I don’t want to sound like Bob Seger in Turn the Page or anything but I used to work a
physical job, go to school and play in a regional touring band back when I was still hoping to
break into the real music business. Playing in the band was by far the most challenging thing
I was doing, physically and mentally.

One of the things you realize when you make music your business is that even though you
love it, hey, this is kind of like a job.
Nothing wrong with that, (especially if the paydays are good) but for most of us
independent artists, that’s not the case.

I’ve recently started writing and recording music again after putting it on the shelf for several
years. Technology has made it easier to record and distribute music and I’ve heard several
times in the last few months that anyone can put out a record now. I suppose that’s true,
but how many really do.

Personally, I just felt the urge to write again. It wasn’t anything I planned it just sort of
naturally happened. I think all artists want their talents to be recognized and enjoyed and
are eager to share them.